Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Most annoying Blogger problem - attention Mz Odd

I have been repeatedly trying to leave a comment on my friend's Poker Flats blog, and the two problems I have had with Blogger -- unable to stay signed in, and the word verification letters do not load -- make it impossible for me to leave a comment, though I have tried half a dozen times over several days.

I know others have the same word verification problem with my blog and have stopped trying to leave comments. I deleted all cookies and cleared my cache as recommended in the Help forum. Still the same problem, and I do use Firefox, as recommended.

A couple days ago I took off my word verification requirement to see if it might be easier for others to leave comments, and sure enough, it was. First thing I got was a spam comment, so I put the word verification restriction back on again.

Tagging onto the remark on Poker Flats about Open Diary vs. Blogger, I too prefer a lot of the aspects of Open Diary:
  • It is more of a community, or at least used to be that way before it got so big
  • Lots of comments on my posts, easily made by the commenters
  • I like the layout better -- one page per post, all comments on that post visible without having to do any extra clicking
  • Easy moving from one post to the next or the previous
  • The opportunity to write individual hidden posts
  • Easy searching for other writers within Open Diary based on age, interests, location, etc.
I miss the community and the virtual friends I made during my five years writing on Open Diary. It just doesn't happen on Blogger, and I believe this is due almost solely to the problems I have with posting comments and getting comments.

The reason I changed from Open Diary to Blogger was that I could not post to Open Diary from my cell phone while traveling, and I had to pay a fee to keep annoying ads from popping up. One of the other positive points about Blogger is that it is more open to the larger world because of its connection to Google, making it possible to use one's blog as an entry point to share one's wares and passions with the larger world. Through tracking my visitors, I see that a large proportion of them come to my blog via Google searches - for things such as the few recipes I've posted, some quilting how-tos, etc. Interesting to note that my most popular googled post is the IHOP vs. Denny's post.

So, sad to say, since coming to Blogger, I blog alone. Plenty of readers, no conversation. I continue to mourn.



Paula said...

I'm sorry, I'm one of those who don't comment often, but I'm here, reading each and every post!! And, I ate at Chipotle today! Yummy!!!

I'm wondering, if we turn off the word verification, but set comments to await moderation, wouldn't that fix the issue of spam comments? Just a thought. I may have to try it myself.

Paula said...

Ok.....I changed my settings. We'll see what happens.

LynnDel said...

It looks like all is going well with your comments. I've changed my settings several times, and so far things are going well with this last change. -- Mrs. Noodles